About me

I am 40 years old, live in Copenhagen and work part time as a writer, part time as a psychologist. As you can imagine, the psycho-part is hard to get rid of and shows itself as a special interest in the inner lives of my characters. I do my best to portray some of the complexity of life and often seem to be writing about people who struggle to find their place in the world and relate to others around them. As Sartre put it, hell is other people – sometimes, anyway.

So far, I have written two poetry collections, my debut novel AGATHE, a non fiction book about schizophrenia and the YA-novel WHAT NO ONE KNOWS. Finally, my latest novel BLUE NOTES was released in Denmark in the fall of 2021. The main theme is grief, and as always there is lots of psychology, difficult relationships and an existential question or two to be answered.
My next novel, THE AQUARIUM, has just been published here in Denmark and deals with friendship at a point in life where one starts a family and an other doesn’t.

If you want to get to know me better and hear more about my thoughts on Agathe (or Agatha, as the book is called in the UK) see this Q&A that I did with Mark Reynolds from Bookanista.


My debut novel

AGATHE was published here in Denmark in 2017, and the rights have been sold to more than 25 countries around the world so far. It is a small book with a big story about the human condition featuring a 71 year old French psychiatrist on the verge of his long awaited retirement. In enters Agathe, and soon the doctor’s life begins to change. Buy your own copy HERE.

To my great joy, L’ora di Agathe, as the book is called in Italy, was lucky enough to win the Scrivere per Amore literary prize 2019.

Something on your mind?
My agents from Grand Agency can be reached at jenni@grandagency.se, or you can write me a direct email. I would love to hear from you.

Words on Agathe

Very rarely do we come across a debut novel so full of flair and grace and that inspires such enthusiasm between various readers inside our publishing house. Agathe is a classic novel, timeless, full of beauty and with an incredibly subtle attention to detail.
Editorial Anagrama
I'm so HAPPY I read this book! It is classic and beautiful – and big. There is a whole world within this little novel. It makes me think about how strange and wonderful life is; what it is to be a human being. Philosophical and uplifting. In other words a perfect combination.
This is an elegant breath of fresh and clean air in confusing times; a beautiful story about two lonely people finding something that makes life worth living. Its simplicity is deceptive, as it goes with great literature. Sad yet hopeful, delicate yet powerful, imaginative yet real.
The Netherlands
I felt right away that Agathe is a very special book. A short dense text that contains so much more than you think when you first see the book. The text is both fun and thoughtful. One of those books that does not let go of you even after putting it down. It just grows. I fell in love.

Le Monde

“In this debut novel, there is a delicate sensibility reminiscent of Emmanuel Bove.”

The Independent


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



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